Sega announces publishing partnership with Lionhead and Bullfrog veterans

Image credit: Tumblr

Two Point Studios is based out of Surrey in the south east of England and is headed by Garry Carr and Lionhead co-founder Mark Webley. Carr and Webley's combined profile boasts the likes of Theme Park, Theme Hospital, Black and White, and Fable—and a new an as yet unannounced project is on the way that'll be launched in partnership with Sega. 

Said to have assembled a team of "some of the best talent" the pairing has worked with during their times at Bullfrog and Lionhead, Two Point's debut game is currently in-development which Sega says will be unveiled early into 2018.  

"SEGA Europe have really impressed us with their approach to working with creative teams, their reputation as a PC publisher and their commitment to quality—they are an ideal partner for us," said Webley of the collaboration via a statement. 

"We are really excited to be working with SEGA and between us we feel confident that we can create something special, and realise our vision of crafting a beautiful, charming and challenging sim game," added Carr.

I guess we'll find out more in several months time, then—but do you reckon there's any chance, any chance at all, a Theme Hospital sequel is in the works?