See 10 minutes of Terminator: Resistance gameplay footage

There's a new Terminator game coming out soon, and it's basically taking those glimpses of the future war seen in the first two movies and turning them into a setting for a first-person shooter that looks a bit like Far Cry. Only not made with quite the same budget, of course. 

Terminator: Resistance the work of Teyon, who were responsible for a rail-shooter based on Rambo back in 2014, but based on these 10 minutes of footage their Terminator game looks a bit better than that. It's got optional stealth, lootable enemies, NPCs who remember decisions you make in a very Telltale way, and apparently some kind of crafting. Maybe it's just because I have fond memories of playing Terminator 2 in the arcade, but it looks fine to me.

Set 30 years after the robots take over, Terminator: Resistance is a singleplayer FPS that casts you as a member of the Resistance fighting back against Skynet in the rubble of Los Angeles. 

Terminator: Resistance will be out on Steam on November 15 in Europe and Australia, and December 3 in the US.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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