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Secretlab's excellent Titan Stealth gaming chair is on deep discount for Father's Day

Secretlab Titan Stealth deal
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Secretlab has firmly established itself as a manufacturer of some of the best gaming chairs, and they're celebrating Father's Day with a sale on the excellent Titan Stealth (2018). Already listed at $50 off, this latest promotion knocks an additional $20 off when users input the code FATHERSDAY19. This brings the total all the way down to $329—a very reasonable price for a gaming chair, particularly one made of high quality materials and designed to be deeply customizable, like the Titan Stealth.

Secretlab have distinguished themselves since the company's founding by way of obsessive design. I recently visited them at an event in NYC and was treated to an in-depth explanation (and some very abused upholstery) demonstrating how thoroughly they test and abrade the materials they swathe their chairs in. My own experience with the Omega I use at home has proven these are durable beasts, and will laugh off spills and rough usage (mostly) without losing that new chair sheen.

Because no gaming chair is going to come out of the box perfectly tailored for your body, the Titan is made to be adjustable, including Secretlab's much ballyhooed 4D armrests, which can pivot, slide forward or back, or be raised or lowered to perfectly suit your elbows.

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Take an additional $20 bucks off and grab dad a great seat for the home or office during this Father's Day sale. Ends June 22nd, and make sure to enter code FATHERSDAY19 for full savings. 

The Stealth earns its name from its distinctive jet black design—not its absence from radar screens—broken only by the Secretlab and model logo in tasteful gold. I'm not one to opine at length about the aesthetics of a gaming chair, but the Titan is a nice looking piece of furniture, and won't embarrass you (or good old dad) in an office setting, much less when you're streaming Auto Chess.

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