Sean Murray confirms that No Man's Sky will release on PC three days after PS4

There's been a bit of confusion recently about No Man's Sky's PC release date. While the official site was updated to state that it will launch globally on PC on the 12th, Steam has been counting down to the 9th. Our requests for clarity went unanswered, with developer Hello Games telling us it's "overwhelmed" at the moment.

Today, however, Sean Murray clarified on Twitter that the official site has the correct release date, not the Steam store page.

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As for why Hello Games has been so busy in the lead up to the launch, Murray provides an example. "I'm here tonight adding support for 21:9 monitors," he tweeted. "We don't even have one. I've stuck some cardboard to the side of mine ¯\_(シ)_/¯"

It's a little odd to think of Hello Games as a small indie developer grinding away with few resources and also the creator of one of the year's most anticipated games, with Sony backing its marketing—but that's the apparent situation.

A few PS4 copies are already in the hands of the public and press thanks to some retailers breaking street date. However, they don't include the patch Murray wants players and reviewers to wait for. As soon as we have a copy, we plan to play No Man's Sky on PS4 to provide you with impressions next week (it's the best we can do), and we'll switch over to the PC version as soon as we can—but that likely won't be until its PC launch on the 12th. Our review will, of course, be based on the PC version.

Tyler Wilde
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