Seagate’s 10TB hard drives provide massive storage for your growing Steam library

Seagate is resurrecting its Barracuda brand to designate one of several purpose-built 10TB capacity hard drive options under its new Guardian Series umbrella. It's part of a branding play that also includes 10TB HDD options dubbed IronWolf and SkyHawk.

The 10TB Barracuda Pro takes aim at gamers and PC enthusiasts in need of "high capacity storage at an affordable price point." While Seagate's press release doesn't mention pricing, Engadget says the MSRP stands at $535. That might be a tough sell when you can hop on Newegg and pick up Seagate's 8TB Archive HDD for $260. Newegg seems to think it will sell well, though.

"The Barracuda family has a rich history of delivering reliable drives at an affordable price point for our customers, who are struggling to keep up with the vast amounts of data they’re creating and consuming," said Merle McIntosh, SVP Sales and Marketing at Newegg. "Seagate is pushing the boundaries on capacity and a cost-effective 10TB option is a product our customers will appreciate."

Seagate's 10TB Barracuda Pro model is a 3.5-inch drive with a SATA 6Gbps interface, 7,200 RPM spindle, and 128MB of cache. According to Seagate, it can hit up to 220MB/s of sustained transfer performance. It's also available in 8TB and 6TB models, all three of which are backed by a 5-year warranty.

In addition to bringing back the Barracuda brand, Seagate also unveiled a 10TB "IronWolf" HDD for NAS appliances and a 10TB "SkyHawk" drive that's designed for 24/7 recording from surveillance systems.

The Barracuda Pro and IronWolf drives have already started shipping worldwide while the SkyHawk model is sampling to select customers. 

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