Sea of Thieves Season 2 has a new emote that lets you be a sneaky sailor

Sea of Thieves new barrel emote
(Image credit: Rare)

Sea of Thieves is bringing new booty with a second season pass dropping next week.

Rare teased the arrival of the new plunder pass in a short video. It didn't show much, except for a damn nice-looking red ship set and some new cosmetics. More interestingly, though, was a new emote that lets you hop inside a barrel.

As a potential tactic for hiding from your fellow pirates, I don't know how useful it'll be. People have ship layouts pretty memorised at this point, and I feel like a rogue barrel is going to stick out like a sore thumb. It might fare better elsewhere, but I think there'll be some eagle-eyed pirates seeking out fake barrels for a while. Using them to prank your friends by scaring them shitless, though? The new emote is going to be priceless.

I fell off Sea of Thieves pretty hard, but a fresh season may tempt me to come back. After all, I'm sure my buds miss me constantly playing the accordion absolutely pissed off my face. Wonder if I can play my instrument while hiding inside a barrel.

Sea of Thieves Season 2 will release April 15. Rare introduced battle passes to the game back in January, shifting away from previous monthly content updates.

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