Sea of Thieves is getting banana-themed gear and a new Tall Tale next week

Sea of Thieves' next update, Heart of Fire, is almost upon us, but before we dive in on March 11, Rare's giving us a sneak peek at some of the new nautical antics, weapons, and embarrassing pet costumes. 

While the main addition is probably the new Tall Tale, which will send pirates on a volcanic adventure where they'll have to avoid getting torched by fire traps, all I care about is the new banana gear. 

Bananas are so loved in Sea of Thieves that pirates scoff them whole, skin and all, and to celebrate the wonderful fruit, Rare's created a set of extremely yellow weapons. Your pets won't be left out, either, as you'll be able to deck them out in some truly hideous new banana-themed costumes. Unfortunately you won't be able to buy the banana gear with regular currency, as it's only going to appear in the Pirate Emporium, which requires real money.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

A new cannonball and throwable weapon are also being added to the roster. Chain shots will make quick work of masts, slowing down enemy ships, while the Blunderbomb can be flung at foes to knock them back. Whenever you start a new session post-update, you'll find two of each special cannon and throwable weapon in your barrels.

I like the concept of the Tall Tales more than their execution. There's just too much squinting at riddles and staring at maps, which I do lots of in Sea of Thieves already. There are the occasional puzzles, traps and unique mechanics, but not nearly enough of them to hold my interest for long. This one, at least, seems to have plenty of them, as well as alternate routes that will make it more replayable.

At best it will be something to do when I feel like taking a break from fishing.

Fraser Brown
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