Sea of Thieves is adding dogs in its next update

(Image credit: Rare)

First it was monkeys and parrots, then it was cats, and soon it will be dogs: Rare revealed at Gamescom today that everybody's favorite furry four-legged friends will be added to Sea of Thieves in the next content update.

(And look, I love cats—I have cats!—but let's be honest with ourselves, they are not our friends. At best, they're crappy roommates who get by on looks and occasional flattery.)

There are no details yet beyond confirmation that this is happening, but the other pets in the game can be purchased for 349 Ancient Coins each (or 649 for the flasher "Collector's Pets"), and it's reasonable to expect that dogs will go for the same. Of course that doesn't take into consideration the extra outfits you can buy for them, and probably will, because who wants a poorly-dressed pet, right?

You'll probably be able to pet them (you can demonstrate affection for other pets in the game, so it'd be odd if the dogs were excluded) but the real question on everyone's mind is whether you'll be able to stuff them into a cannon and fire them out to sea. My bet, based on the important research conducted by PC Gamer's high seas hijinks expert Chris, is, "probably." 

I imagine you'll also be able to make them barf on the deck of your ship, just like the real ones do on your good carpet. We'll keep you posted.

Andy Chalk

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