You can make your Sea of Thieves pets throw up

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Sea of Thieves now has pets, and it turns out that they're picky eaters. I got myself a parrot—it matches my gaudy pirate getup—and took it with my on a voyage on my humble sloop. Being a good bird owner, I brought some some lovely juicy grubs with me, assuming Mr. Toots would be a fan. He was not. 

As soon as my colourful companion scoffed down his grubs, he started coughing them back up again, spewing vomit on my clean deck. I should have been prepared for this, as something similar happened on Rare's livestream, but with a real monkey. 

You can see the moment where I became a bad bird owner below.

We probably shouldn't be allowed pets at PC Gamer, given that Chris put his pet in a cannon. Luckily, neither of our critters were harmed. Sea of Thieves' pets are tougher than their pirate pals, it turns out.  

Sea of Thieves' pets are a pampered bunch, so you have to cook the grubs first, apparently. Basically, anything that players can eat is fine. After their snack, they'll even do a little dance. It's great. 

If you want a pet of your own, you'll need to either find very rare Ancient Coins in the game or splash out with some real cash at the Pirate Emporium. After purchasing or finding the coins, you can spend them on pets and a couple of bundles that also contain some fancy costumes. 

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