Sea of Thieves' gorgeous world looks ripe for exploring in latest dev diary

As much as I fancy the idea of treasure hunting, storm-weathering, and drunken sea shantying, I'm most looking forward to exploring Sea of Thieves' vibrant world when it docks later this year. Call me a scaredy cat if you will, but while you're off getting your head kicked in by some belligerent console swashbuckler, I'll instead be visiting some of the gorgeous sights that feature in the game's latest developer update. 

And who better to showcase what's in store than art director Ryan Stevenson, who says Sea of Thieves' animated style is designed to be "timeless and evocative of a pirate adventure playground." With that, we'll explore dark and moody wildlands, idyllic island paradises and, of course, vast open seascapes. Here's some of that:

Whenever I think of sidestepping confrontation in favour of exploration in games, I think of this lovely article of Gil Lawson's from last year. Within, she discusses the value of adventuring in PUBG's Erangel island—which she reckons in turn helps you gain a greater appreciation of your surroundings when caught in conflict. 

I couldn't agree more, and now find myself poring over game worlds before battling within them wherever possible. When the world in question looks as lovely as what Sea of Thieves promises, then all the better.  

Sea of Thieves is due March 20. Look out for its closed beta next week.