Sea of Thieves celebrates 25 million players by tossing money around

Sea of Thieves
(Image credit: Rare)

Sea of Thieves released three years ago and, despite a fairly lacklustre launch offering, has blossomed into an enjoyable cooperative seafaring game. Rare executive producer Joe Neate reports today that the game has hit the 25 million player milestone, and no doubt the near-constant flow of new updates has helped that number grow. 

Neate lists 25 of the game's most recent additions in his blog post, but the more pertinent info is: free money. Specifically, if you log into Sea of Thieves between October 19 and October 26 you'll get 25,000 gold and 25 doubloons. That's for everyone, but one lucky player who logs in during that time will get 25 million gold, which will make you quite rich in Sea of Thieves terms. Maybe you can give up the pirating life?

The last six months or so has seen a spate of Sea of Thieves activity, with the game following the general live service trend of crossing over with other entertainment brands. Sea of Thieves did that with Pirates of the Caribbean. More recently, the game's fourth season (yeah, it has seasons now) added a bunch of stuff to do underwater, a natural evolution for a game set mostly on top of water.

Reminder: you can fire your Sea of Thieves pets safely out of cannons

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