Sea of Thieves goes deep beneath the waves in its next season

The next season of Sea of Thieves will add a new range of underwater shenanigans in the form of new Siren Shrines, six unique and dangerous locations deep beneath the waves, filled with treasures to be claimed by players who can solve their mysteries and complete their challenges. Swashbucklers who prefer a more straight-up fight against the denizens of the deep blue sea can instead opt for Siren Treasuries, which are filled with "coral treasures" that will earn a pretty penny from the Trading Companies. 

To help ensure a reasonably clean getaway, your loot can be stored in sunken statues in both locales and then brought to the surface whenever you're ready to load it up by the friendly merfolk—the same bunch who teleports you back to your ship when you fall overboard because you were goofing around. You'll still have to carry it onto the ship yourself, though, so it's not a completely risk-free option (which is a good thing, really—it's no fun with no danger, after all). All the shrines and Treasures are marked on the map, and a telltale shimmer on the surface of the water will make them easier to track down.

Wealth can also be earned from a rare and very valuable treasure called Breath of the Sea, which can be found on voyages granted by coral-encrusted bottles, and of course there are new ship and pirate cosmetics to earn, and a new, optional Plunder Pass for truly dedicated players.

It's been awhile since I've played Sea of Thieves, and this has me wondering if maybe it's time to go back. The sailing adventures are a blast but I've always felt like there hasn't been enough going on under the surface. Leaning into that weird, cool, mysterious aspect of the game feels to me like a big step in the right direction. Sea of Thieves season 4 kicks off on September 23.

Andy Chalk

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