Score a Ripjaws KM570 RGB mechanical keyboard for $70

If you are in the market for a mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting, G.Skill's Ripjaws KM570 RGB is on sale right now for $70.

G.Skill offers a variety of key switches on this model, though the one that's on sale features Cherry MX Speed Silver switches. This were first made available exclusively to Corsair before a wider release last summer, and are not easier to find.

If you're not familiar with the different types of key switches, check out our guide that covers all of the popular options, and some lesser known ones. In short, the Speed Silver switches are similar to the Reds, but with a shorter travel distance before registering a key press—it has an actuation point of 1.2mm and total travel distance of 3.4mm, versus 2mm and 4mm, respectively.

The KM570 RGB typically goes for between $80 and $100, with an average price of $90 on Amazon over the past year and a half. It's a fairly simple looking keyboard. There are no dedicated macro keys, though it does support on-the-fly macro recording for all of the regular keys. It also sports a contoured design, both for the base and the keycaps.

You can find grab this keyboard for $70 at Amazon or Newegg.

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Paul Lilly

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