Save grandma's PC in neon-lit action platformer Exception

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Growing up, I was often tasked with 'fixing' the family computer, usually because those dang videogames of mine were deemed responsible for any and all network errors. Which was irritating, but in hindsight not so bad. After all, I could have been the protagonist of Exception, a vividly colored action platformer starring a software program out to tackle a fascist computer virus menacing an old woman's computer. Developer Traxmaster nails the neon, algebraic cyberspace aesthetic, and has used Exception's oddball premise to do some interesting stuff with the levels.  

There are 128 levels split across 16 worlds, and each one is filled with pickups that totally rework the level. They seem to be color-coded, with different pickups triggering different axes. Even small rotations totally change the way you approach obstacles and combat, but you'll also wind up teleporting to other sections of levels entirely.

With six special attacks and 128 collectible upgrades, Exception's protagonist has a diverse arsenal of melee and ranged attacks. Apart from timing attacks, there's a clear emphasis on preserving the flow of movement and using enemies to drive your jumps, which dovetails with a love of speedrunning. 

When it releases in early 2018, Exception will feature hundreds of leaderboards for different levels and challenges, according to Traxmaster, which is sure to push the limits of granny's rig.

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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