Save big on the Sniper Elite series this weekend

What're your plans this weekend? The park? The big game? Family time? Shooting virtual guns at virtual people from really far away? If the latter's your bag, you could stand to save some cash—Rebellion's 'Publisher Weekender' on Steam offers big discounts on its Sniper Elite series over the next few days.

And they're all there. Such as the game that started it all, 2005's Snipe Elite, which is just £1.67/$2.39 with a 70 percent discount. 2011's Sniper Elite v2 is subject to the same reduction, coming in at £4.49/$5.99; while a range of its DLC sees its price cut in half. If you fancy the series' Zombie Army offshoots—which are daft but good fun—the trilogy is £5.99/$8.99, 80 percent less its recommended retail value.       

Sniper Elite 3 is also subject to an 80 percent reduction, and costs £4.59/$5.99; whereas Sniper Elite 4—the game Tyler billed as a "hearty improvement" over number three "that embraces freeform play [and] gets better in co-op" last year—is priced £13.59/$20.39 with 66 percent off.  

Check out Rebellion's Steam Publisher Weekend in its entirety over here, which includes loads of DLC packs and a number of the developer's other games, such as Lords of the Realm and Evil Genius. 

If you're feeling extra flush, and really, really like Rebellion games, the 'Rebellion Anthology' gathers everything listed in the Publisher Weekender for £103.81/$141.79. That's quite a lot of cash, but these games together would otherwise set you back £338.71/$463.51. 

Rebellion's Publisher Weekend celebrates the dev's 25th anniversary, and runs now through Monday, February 26 at 10am PT/6pm GMT.