Save $100 (£100) today on HTC's Vive headset

Today marks the one-year anniversary of HTC's first commercial Vive shipment. In case you missed our heads up earlier this week, HTC is celebrating the occasion by slashing $100 (£100) off the price of a new Vive headset for today only.

This is the lowest it has been since Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The $100 savings brings the total down to $699. In addition to the headset, you get two base stations, a link box, earbuds, and some Vive accessories. Every Vive purchase also comes with a complimentary one-month subscription to Viveport, HTC's VR app store.

"VR is changing every industry imaginable, from gaming and entertainment, to art, design, engineering and education," says HTC Vive's VP of sales Peter Frolund. "The fact that we can offer a subscription model just shows the sheer amount of developers that have already engaged with Vive. This celebration and these offers are a chance for us to thank the people that have been on this journey with us from the start, as well as invite new people to the party as we look ahead to even more exciting developments going forward."

The subscription service is new. When subscribing to Viveport, you're allowed to pick five games and apps per month, and then keep any of them the next month or swap them out for new ones. After the free one-month trial ends, the cost is $7 (£7) per month.

You can purchase a Vive headset at a discount today directly from HTC or through any of several retail partners, such as Amazon and Newegg. Out of those three, HTC is the least expensive by a buck.

Paul Lilly

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