Saturday Crapshoot Live - Harvester

Whew! Five solid hours of weird adventure retrogaming! Thanks everyone who joined in on the stream and made this a much more fun experiment than knocking blocks off a giant cube. You can still watch it at Twitch.TV , though it's a fairly freeform thing. The idea was to try and respond to the chat more carefully... but with over 200 people watching all five hours of it, that just didn't end up happening. Never tried livestreaming anything before, but hopefully people enjoyed it. We'll almost certainly do this again at some point (with a bit more notice - this was a very last-minute whim) and hopefully a bit more structure... like savegames, and ideally a second commentator to make it a bit more chatty.

If you missed it, here's the original Harvester Crap Shoot to get a flavour for the game in text form.