Sandbox RPG Hytale shows off early footage and a potential release window

(Image credit: Hypixel Studios)

News surrounding Hytale has been pretty sparse recently, but Hypixel Studios, the developers behind the sandbox RPG—who also happen to be the designers of one of Minecraft's most popular servers—have broken their silence with a blog post. Or four. And if that's not enough for you, there's a first glimpse at gameplay as well as a planned release in 2021.

The development update details how they've had to adapt to meet the level of expectation that's built up around the game. "The scale of the reaction to our game has changed everything for us. Our origins as Minecraft server operators shapes who we are as a team, and in many ways we're still modders at heart. For our first solo project to receive this level of attention has been amazing, but also intimidating."

More regular updates have been promised, and alongside the development update several other updates have been posted, including a progress update that shows off two new biomes that will be introduced in a couple of zones. There's a gorgeous autumn forest—seriously, check out these screenshots—and an oasis. Each new biome will have its own unique look as well as materials or plants that are much more abundant in those locations. The last few months have also been spent on the design of the farming aspect of the game.

Graphical updates have also been implemented, including 'real-time shadows, improved water effects and bloom, and a host of improvements to rendering and particle effects'. And that gameplay footage I mentioned? You can check it out below.

While there's no denying the huge similarities to Minecraft—in structure, at least—Hytale has a certain life to it that makes it look somehow more inviting. You know, apart from the things that are trying to kill you.

If you want to take a look at the updates in full, they're available in all their glory on the official site.

Disclosure: Former PC Gamer staff member Chris Thursten is working with the Hytale devs on this one. He has become one with the blocks.

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