Samsung's 4K triple laser projector looks amazing

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If you have never considered buying a laser projector in place of a big screen TV, Samsung's new "The Premiere" may change your mind. That is, if you want to go even bigger than those fancy flat screens on display at Best Buy and Sam's Club, which typically top out at 85 inches, and have the requisite bankroll. If you do, Samsung's new laser projector will beam images up to 130 inches on your wall or screen.

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The Premiere is an ultra-short throw projector, so you don't need an extra long living room to take advantage of its capabilities. According to Samsung, it only needs to sit 11.3cm (around 4.44 inches) from your wall. It can then project a screen between 100 and 120 or 130 inches, depending on the model—LSP7T or LSP9T, respectively.

"The days of installing complex, unaesthetic components in your spaces are coming to an end," Samsung says.

Samsung opted for a rather attractive minimalist design, with rounded edges and an "aesthetically pleasing fabric finish." It looks gorgeous from the renders we have seen, and the relatively compact design is a boon.

Both the LSP7T and LSP9T project 4K images, though the latter is higher end with a triple-laser configuration. Contrast range tops out at 2,800 ANSI lumens of brightness. Samsung suggests it is suitable for viewing content in both daylight and at night, so you don't necessarily need to stick this in a darkened basement.

Samsung's other braggadocios claim is that The Premiere is the first-ever HDR10+ certified projector. It is a bit of a dubious insinuation, though, because there are projectors that support the Dolby Vision HDR format.

As for the image quality, Samsung says it offers a wide color gamut, covering 147 percent of the DCI-P3 color space, and 106 percent of BT.2020. And on the audio front, speakers and woofers are built right into the projector, offering 4.2 channel sound. Smart features and compatibility with "multiple voice services" round out the package.

What about gaming? Samsung hypes that up as well.

"The Premiere offers gamers a fantastic experience too, providing all of its picture and sound benefits in addition to lower input lag to ensure that gamers can get fully absorbed in high-quality gameplay," Samsung says.

Color me intrigued. The caveat is the price. These LSP7T is available now for $3,500, and the LSP9T for $6,500. To put those prices into perspective, a 77-inch OLED TV typically ranges from $3,700 to $4,700, while you can snag an 86-inch LCD TV for as low as $1,900.

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