New firmware appears to fix Samsung G7 Odyssey monitor flickering issue

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A firmware update for the Samsung G7 Odyssey gaming monitor appears to be fixing a stuttering issues that some users have been reporting since launch. The firmware was spotted over on the r/Monitors subreddit, and anecdotal reports suggest it's sorting out an issue for those suffering the fault.

A high-end 240Hz gaming monitor, the Samsung G7 comes with support for both AMD and Nvidia's variable refresh rate (VRR) systems: AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and Nvidia G-Sync. In theory, these should ensure that there were few to no on-screen artefacts when gaming at high refresh rates.

However, early reports from buyers suggested some units suffered from a flickering issue with VRR switched on. The issue didn't present itself in every unit, as multiple reviews state they did not experience the flickering, such as TFTCentral's, while others mentioned that they did, such as DigitalTrends.

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Thankfully, it would appear that a working solution has been rolled out. The new firmware, version 1009.3, spotted over on Reddit, appears to fix the reported issue for those that were suffering it to this day.

The new firmware allows uses to select a new option in settings, Reddit user finch20046 reports, which once enabled appears to have fixed the reported flickering issue. 

Multiple other users also report that the fix has solved the issue.

We'll have to wait and see if this is a universal patch, as we're still relying on anecdotal reports for the fix, but it's looking promising only moments after the firmware has gone live.

If you're experiencing flickering, the new firmware is reportedly live on the Samsung US website. You can download the new firmware, ver. 1009.3, on the Samsung US site here

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