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My dream monitor is cheaper now for Prime Day than it was on Black Friday

Samsung CRG9 gaming monitor on a blue background with Amazon Prime Day logo
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For a while I was in monitor heaven with the Samsung CRG9. It's a monitor of many excesses: it's excessively wide, excessively fast, and, usually, excessively expensive. However, you can scratch that last one with today's Prime Day deals (opens in new tab). This monitor is the cheapest I've ever seen it at $899.99 over at Amazon (opens in new tab)—that's even cheaper than it was on the retail whirlwind of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

I once had this monitor in for review (opens in new tab) and during that time I got a taste of the good life. I could work across two seamlessly connected monitors during the day, and then switch to one, ultrawide (and I mean ultrawide) gaming monitor for #gamernights. I found the CRG9 to be the best of both worlds.

That's because with this monitor you can plug in two discrete DisplayPort cables, from the same PC, or two different devices if you so wish, and use one half of the panel for one device and the other half for the other. With a 5120 x 1440 resolution, each half of the monitor is effectively a 1440p monitor in its own right. Neat, right?

Once you flick over to a game, this monitor lights up. It's bright, the panel is stunning, and a 120Hz refresh rate keeps everything ticking over smoothly. I was playing a ton of Destiny 2 at the time, which looks gorgeous when that wide, but you'd be surprised just how many games fully support the 32:9 ultrawide aspect ratio.

So I'm a little head-over-heels for this one, and ruing the day I sadly packed it back up and shipped it back to Samsung. I'm pretty tempted myself at this price, but I'm also moving this week and another box to move might tip me over the edge—like I said, the monitor is excessively wide, and if you think the panel alone looks massive, just wait until you see the box that the CRG9 comes in. 

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Samsung CRG9 | 49-inch |120Hz | 32:9 | $1,499 $899.99 at Amazon (save $600) (opens in new tab)
One of Samsung's finest gaming monitors, the CRG9 combines some of the best and brightest technologies into one ultrawide panel. That includes HDR 1000, 120Hz refresh rate, AMD FreeSync, and a 5120 x 1440 resolution for that immense 32:9 aspect ratio. It also doubles up as an excellent work monitor, if you're looking for something to fill both roles at home.

There are a couple of notable alternatives to the Samsung CRG9 if you're not convinced. One is the Samsung Odyssey G9, the newer version of the CRG9 with a 240Hz refresh rate. That monitor is still pretty pricey, though, and the best deal I can find on that one is $1,479.99 over at Newegg (opens in new tab)

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Jacob Ridley
Jacob Ridley

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