Samsung announces pricing for new line of curved monitors

Samsung curved monitor

Samsung has announced pricing for its new 23.6, 27, and 32-inch curved monitors. They're not the cheapest monitors you'll ever see, but they might just be cheap enough.

First up is the SE510C, available in 23.6 and 27 inches, which Tom's Hardware says will sell for $300 and $380 respectively. Both offer a static contrast ratio of 3000:1, 250 cd/m2 typical brightness, and a VGA input port. Moving up the ladder is the $400, 27-inch SE591C, with a typical brightness of 350 cd/m2, VGA and DisplayPort inputs, plus an audio port and five watt speakers. Finally, at the top of the heap is the SE590C, with a 31.5-inch display and 5000:1 static contrast ratio, which will go for $600.

All four monitors are 1080p with 4ms response times, 60Hz refresh rates, and have HDMI inputs in additions to the ones noted above. They also offer an "Eye Saver" mode that promises to reduce eye strain by reducing blue light emissions, and a "Game Mode," which "improves the darkness of the picture so that you can see all the action vividly."

None of these new monitors are for sale yet, and in fact Samsung's US site currently only lists the SE591C, but all four are expected to be released in North America in May.

Samsung Game Mode

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