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This peachy Samsung 34-inch ultrawide has 100Hz and USB-C charging for $479

(Image credit: Samsung)

Super-wide 34-inch proportions, 1440p native resolution, high-refresh and USB-C connectivity with device charging capability in a single display normally makes for a painfully pricey combination. But you can have all that with the Samsung C34H890 for $479.99 from Amazon, that's $113 off.

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Black Friday deals

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If you've hit the link and seen the Samsung C34H890 is pitched as a 'business monitor', don't panic. It runs at fully 100Hz refresh supports AMD's FreeSync adaptive refresh tech and has been tested to have just 10ms of input lag. So this panel is fully fit for gaming.

Indeed, with 3,440 by 1,440 pixels, a static contrast ratio of 3,000:1 from the 34-inch 1800R VA panel and 4ms pixel response, the C34H890 packs a conspicuously gaming-friendly overall package.

 $479.99 at Amazon
Superwide 1440p 100Hz

Samsung C34H890 | 34-inch | 1440p | 100Hz | $593 $479.99 at Amazon
A fantastic 34-inch superwide panel with 1440p native, 100Hz refresh and 1800R curve, plus USB-C with charging, for well under $500. It's a lot of monitor for the money.

Other highlights include USB Type-C connectivity with support for up to 65 watts of charging power, plus HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2. What's more, as a business monitor, it actually comes with a three-year warranty, rather than the usual one-year item attached to gaming panels.

In fact, the only obvious omission is HDR support. But most relatively affordably affordable monitors sold as HDR capable fail to truly deliver HDR visuals. So, that isn't a huge shortcoming.

Overall, then, this must be one of Samsung's better kept secrets. A slick 34-inch superwide monitor with great gaming chops that undercuts the competition.