Saints Row 4's San Diego Comic-Con panel reveals first DLC details

Just how many people does it take to think up a Dubstep Gun? That, and similarly off-the-wall questions were the subject of a San Diego Comic Con panel for Saints Row IV . In the month before the release of the ridiculous open-world sandbox, Deep Silver Volition studio head Steve Jaros, and voice actors Troy Baker, Laura Baily, J.B. Blanc and Yuri Lowenthal, took fan questions about the story, tone and first DLC.

At the panel, attended by GameInformer , Jaros announced the first DLC pack as Enter the Dominatrix, which is due for release 45 days after the game's launch. It will be made up of behind-the-scenes mockumentary footage, with characters from the game explaining why the content was cut. Enter the Dominatrix was originally a planned expansion for Saints Row: The Third, but elements of it were merged into a full sequel during the late-stage death throes of THQ.

Jaros talked about returning characters from the previous games in the series, including members of Saints Row 2's Ronin gang, as well as long-standing Saint, Johnny Gat . He mentioned that, unlike many events from the games, the story won't gloss over Gat's return from the dead, and will offer players a satisfying explanation.

As for the more oddball jokes included, it was revealed that head alien Zinyak reads the entire first chapter of Pride and Prejudice through the in-game radio, for whatever reason. The original ending was also revealed as a Bollywood style dance scene, which was ultimately scrapped. However, neither the pro-wrestling gang, nor the zombie character voice from Saints Row: The Third will be returning, because, as Jaros put it, a joke is only funny once.

And the Dubstep gun? Jaros says two teams came up with the idea independently. He blames beer.

Saints Row 4 is due out August 23rd. You can read about my time with a preview build here . I punched a man in the crotch.

Phil Savage

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