Johnny Gat exposes himself to Saints Row 4


I won't write up an entire biography of the fictional demigod of a man known as Johnny Gat, as it would end up looking like the scrawling of a mental patient. Normally, I'd be surprised to see someone come back from the dead, but I suppose even death can't stop a man who robs banks while wearing a mask of his own face.

Most of the trailer shows off Gat and “The Protagonist” taking it to the invading alien horde known as the Zin. Is Gat a clone? A cyborg? Perhaps some sort of shapeshifter that takes the form of those we hold most dear? It's impossible to say at the moment, but we do know Gat's voice actor, Daniel Dae Kim (he played Jin Kwon on Lost) is reprising his role as the Saint's co-leader and brand manager.

Saints Row IV looks like it's coming along swimmingly , but we won't be able to answer those clone-related questions until the cartoonish playground of mayhem opens to the public on Aug. 20.