Saddle up for cowboy Hotline Miami in Kill the Crows

Do you know where your Colt Single Action Navy Revolver is? You'll probably want to strap on your gun belt then, because it's time to yeehaw.

Kill The Crows, an upcoming western shooter from 5minlab, is getting billed as a Wild West Hotline Miami where "A gunslinger burning with vengeance steps into the ruins of a forsaken town, ready to face death." Kill the Crows promises "one shot, one kill gunfights" with pixellated western flair. Presumably it's that one-shot ethos that likens it to Hotline, not the inclusion of some psychedelic level-based storyline.

Crows' signature feature is an ability called "Showdown." Showdown mode looks like it slows down time, letting gunslinger Isabella target six enemies for a flurry of instant shots. The power is charged by hitting regular shots, though: You gotta be fast and accurate to earn those automatic kills.

We're in a heyday for arena shooters, some inspired by the bullet heaven trend of Vampire Survivors and players of those games looking for something a little more active and skill-based. Crows looks to have that energy, challenging you to kill as many evil crow cultists as you can before you fall.

Kill the Crows will also have upgrades and gear to collect. As you defeat enemies you can customize your gear and showdown power, combining different equipment with different showdowns and guns to get different effects. One example in screenshots shown off includes heavy-caliber revolvers, which pierce through one enemy to hit another behind. You'll unlock gear by hitting milestone tasks and completing challenges inside matches.

You can find Kill The Crows, and play a demo, on Steam. It's due to launch next month, in August 2023.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.