Rust gets a visual overhaul, plus a drivable junkyard crane for scrapping cars

Another month, another update for Facepunch Studios' brutal multiplayer survival game Rust. 

It sounds like there's a lot in store for players in May, including an improvement to the visuals, which Facepunch says "is the culmination of work by the team over the last couple of years. It greatly improves how the game feels and we think gives it a fresh look." 

You can see for yourself in the gallery below, and the video up top.

When you're done gawking at the improved scenery, you should head to the junkyard, because it's been given an overhaul of its own. This includes a new drivable crane, which will let players pick up cars with its magnet and drop them into a junkyard shredder. That sounds like a fun new way to generate scrap. Unfortunately, you can't steal the crane and drive it to your base (or to someone else's base). If the crane gets too far from the junkyard, it'll self-destruct.

Other improvements in the update: changes to bush displacement, which will make it easier to build bases without foliage getting in the way. There are also improvements to using gestures while riding a mount. Some more hitbox bugs have been ironed out. And there's another round of Rust Twitch drops incoming, so you'll be able to unlock new skins by watching a dozen different streamers play.

You can get more info on Rust's May update right here.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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