RuneScape is coming to Steam

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First launched as a browser game in 2001, RuneScape (opens in new tab) was the first MMO a lot of people tried. It was their first experience of being ganked by high-level players, their first time collecting an armor set (opens in new tab), and their first time being scammed out of the armor they'd just collected (opens in new tab).

It's changed a lot in that time, gaining raids and dinosaurs and enough alterations that Old School RuneScape (opens in new tab) was created for those who wanted to preserve the way it used to be. And now, RuneScape is coming to Steam.

It'll have the usual raft of achievements, badges, and trading cards that comes with a modern Steam game and you'll be able to link an existing RuneScape account to carry on playing with an existing character. 

According to RuneScape executive producer Mod Warden, future changes (opens in new tab) will include "improving the early game experience, onboarding and readability" as well as optimising the UI "from refining text, content, interaction and hitbox sizes, to engine improvements and stability that support flexibility across the widest array of possible display sizes." Some of that's about preparing for the launch of RuneScape's mobile version next year, but the updates are intended to improve things on both platforms.

RuneScape's Steam version (opens in new tab) launches on October 14, and Old School RuneScape will follow it in 2021.

Jody Macgregor
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