RPCS3 shows off Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us running in-game for the first time

PS3 emulator RPCS3 (opens in new tab) is a fascinating project to keep up-to-date with. The team's monthly progress reports (opens in new tab) offer a deep dive into the emulator's progress, and videos like the above (via user Asinine on r/pcgaming (opens in new tab))  illustrate in brief how each major game is coming along.

You'll see that Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us are now running in-game, which is neat, considering they're two of the format's all-time classics. "The Last of Us and Uncharted 3 can now go in-game for the first time thanks to Eladash fixing a crash with cutscenes by making improvements to the RSX Shader Decompiler," says the video's YouTube description. The framerate for both remains choppy, but it's great progress.

Drake's Deception doesn't get nearly enough love in my opinion, considering it starts with a terrific bar fight in London, has significantly improved melee combat and better pacing than its well-regarded predecessor. You'll also see how various games in the cult Yakuza series are coming along, as well as snapshots of games I forgot that I even played back in the day: the somewhat average Resistance: Fall of Man, for example (both sequels are much better), and Starbreeze's The Darkness, which criminally never came to PC. 

If you want to play Uncharted 3 on your PC via streaming, as well as other PlayStation-only titles like Ratchet & Clank, you can try Sony's PlayStation Now (opens in new tab) service. As ever, you can read up on the ethics of emulation in Wes's great piece (opens in new tab)from March last year. 

Samuel Roberts
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