Red Dead Redemption shines on PC after PS3 emulator rendering upgrade

Despite being a self-proclaimed work-in-progress project, the RPCS3 PS3 emulator has already brought esteemed console exclusives Demon's Souls and Persona 5 to PC. Its latest video reel highlights a number of other games it delivers to desktops, while also demonstrating the tweaks, nips and tucks it makes to them along the way. 

Said to apply to "over a hundred games", the emulator's creators have rewritten Texture Instructions which allows texture inputs to use the srgb colorspace. This in turn fixes Bloom and Shadows in all Unreal Engine 3 games, so reads the following video's description. Observe:

Besides Red Dead Redemption, other games featured there include Silent Hill: Downpour, Drakengard 3, Uncharted and Dante's Inferno. It's worth noting that some of that list can already be picked up via Sony's PS Now premium streaming service (which employs a seven-day free trial). 

The conversation around emulation can be a divisive one, which is why I appreciate articles that explore the ethics of matter, and how creators, the community and the law view console emulators—and how they can be proven legal in court

More information on the  RPCS3 PS3 emulator can be found via its website