Rogue Shooter is more interesting than the name suggests, game and demo out now

With all the possible top-down, isometric and platforming roguelikes having already been made, developers have, with some inevitability, moved on to the first-person roguelikes, as evidenced by the likes of Paranautical Activity and Eldritch . Rogue Shooter is perhaps the most extravagant of the lot, despite a name so cookie-cutter it could be used as a Steam tag or to, y'know, cut cookies. It should be called Procedurally Generated First-Person Kicking and Ridiculous Guns Game. We mentioned the existence of Procedurally Generated First-Person Kicking and Ridiculous Guns Game back in August last year , and now Procedurally Generated First-Person Kicking and Ridiculous Guns Game is out on Steam .

There's a hefty 50% discount if you buy Rogue Shooter (I'll revert to the original name, as it's way easier to type) in the next few days, in addition to - that rarest of items these days - a demo. Before that, however, you should probably watch the following launch trailer, which shows off the game's shotgun trident (!), dog launcher (!!) and quicksand guns (!!!), plus a few of the many perks you'll be able to select upon level up.

Tom Sykes

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