Rockstar posts hundreds of new job listings and we bet they're for Grand Theft Auto 6

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You've probably heard that Rockstar is working on "a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series," which until we get a proper and official title we are calling Grand Theft Auto 6. We expect that the release is still a long way off, optimistically 2024, and maybe even further down the road for PC players. But work on the project appears to be spinning up in earnest, because Rockstar is very suddenly looking to hire a small city of people.

Rockstar's careers page lists all kinds of openings at its studios around the world, but what's really interesting is the list of jobs posted on Hitmarker, a careers website dedicated to gaming and esports jobs. The site lists a whopping 226 jobs at Rockstar, all of which were posted within the past month. 75 of the new job listings went up within the past 24 hours, in fact.

The listings cover a wide range of disciplines, from Associate Production Coordinator: Accessibility in Dundee to Senior Product Manager, Social in New York, Game Tester in Bangalore, Animation R&D Programmer: Computer Vision and ML in Oakville, and Microsoft SQL Server Developer in Andover—and that's all just from the first of eight pages. Alas, none of the listings I've looked at reveal anything about Grand Theft Auto 6, but they do indicate that Rocktar has no intention of closing the door on GTA Online anytime soon: Several job listings are for the ongoing support of the Rockstar Social Club and its online games.

Now, it's possible—possible—that Rockstar is bringing all these people onboard for something else entirely. Maybe Manhunt is coming back, or maybe we'll finally get that new Bully we've all been waiting for; personally, I'd love to see a new Midnight Club. (Yes, Max Payne 4 is my real priority, but I maintain that the best idea for that is to just give it to Remedy.) Rockstar Table Tennis 2? Sure, why not. But keep in mind that it's been a decade since Rockstar made a game that wasn't either GTA or Red Dead, and earlier this month Rockstar announced the end of "major" Red Dead Online content updates—specifically because it's focusing resources on Grand Theft Auto 6.

It's a long shot, but it's possible that we could hear more about the status of GTA6 in a few weeks. Rockstar's parent company, Take-Two Interactive, will announce its first-quarter financial results for the 2023 fiscal year on August 8.

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