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Rockstar employees speak about working hours after 100-hour week stir

In an interview with Vulture published earlier this week, Rockstar's Dan Houser made mention of specific members of Red Dead Redemption 2's dev team working 100-hour weeks. He later clarified the statement, and a number of current Rockstar employees have since spoken of their experience within the company. 

As reported by, Rockstar San Diego tools programmer Vivianne Langdon spoke first by declaring the most she's ever worked in three and half years at the company is "maybe 50 hours a week". Moreover, she describes this as a "rare occurrence", before detailing the intricacies of her experience with paid overtime. 

Langdon stresses that the points shared are exclusive to her experience, and that she's "not being compensated" by her employer for doing so. Here's the start of that thread:

A number of other Rockstar employees appear to feel the same way as Langdon—best outlined by the retweets housed in Rockstar North environmental artist Niels Biliet's timeline

Some examples include:

It's however worth noting others have shared opinions which quite clearly contradict the above—not least ex-Rockstar employee Job Stauffer