Rocket League's new "Hoops Mode" and NBA DLC is coming next week

Rocket League Hoops Mode

Rocket League, the game that blends colossal soccer with physics-defying automobiles, will soon give players the option to hit the court and shoot some hoops instead. Developer Psyonix announced today that the b-ball-inspired Hoops Mode will be added to the game, for free, on April 26.

Spiritually similar to the hockey-themed Snow Day update that came out last year, Hoops Mode will be accompanied by a new “Dunk House” arena, which like the new game mode will be given to all players at no cost. Those of you determined to throw money at it will be able to pick up an officially-licensed NBA Flag Pack, which will cost $2 and contain the logos of all 30 NBA teams. All players will be given one NBA logo flag for free when they update the game.

The announcement is light on details, but the trailer gives a pretty good idea of what's in store: Goliath basketball, in cars, with little regard for the laws of gravity. Shots obviously won't need to be as precise as they are in real hoops, but the elevated, horizontal net will be a big change from the usual “aim-and-fire” across a flat plane. Psyonix said more information about the update will be released throughout the week.

Andy Chalk

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