Rocket League patched to ban file-fiddlers

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I find the inclusion of the Wasteland arena in Rocket League's competitive playlists questionable—it doesn't make sense to me that a lone, non-standard map should be included in a highly regular, sports-like format. Its like playing one in every five NFL matches at The Oval. Some people are bothered by the wide, sloped Wasteland map more than me, it seems, and they've been deleting its files to avoid it. This, Psyonix has declared, is just not cricket.

Patch 1.12 is in place, meaning that anybody found to have fiddled with their game files will receive an automatic time-limited matchmaking ban, giving them a chance to sheepishly verify the integrity of their game cache.

Reaction on the Steam forums is mixed, with some indulging their caps lock to demand Wasteland's removal and others simply sick of hearing it.

Also in the patch is a handful of bugfixes:

  • Skill Rating calculation has been fixed on the League Rankings screen and now accurately reflects your MMR
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Ranked Reconnect popup to appear improperly during gameplay
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to lose input in the Muting menu
  • Competitive games are now properly labeled on the in-game score card
  • Players will no longer incorrectly appear to be in a party on the scoreboard
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Ballcam to be enabled/disabled erroneously in the post game screen
  • Fixed an issue that displayed party members' cars incorrectly in the main menu
  • Fixed an issue with how the Max FPS slider capped frame rate
  • Fixed an issue causing users with large Steam Friend Lists to experience graphical hitches

Play on. With Wasteland installed, of course.