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Rocket League 1.05 patch will let you filter PS4 players out of matchmaking

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Rocket League 2

I had to stop playing Rocket League because I don't like disappointing people. In Rocket League, I invariably disappoint everyone. The rest of the world is still playing it though, and the forthcoming patch 1.05 should make PC players happy. It'll introduce new matchmaking options, including the ability to filter out PS4 competitors. This should satisfy anyone worried that mouse and keyboard players have any (dis)advantage against controller users. Apart from that (and of course, you can use a controller on PC), I'm not sure why you'd want to do it, but hey. Options.

In other less-consequential patch news, you'll also be able to decorate your vehicle with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare flags and decals. Similarly, Chivalry will receive a patch imminently with Rocket League-themed armor. This is surely a highlight in the history of zany video game cross-promotions.

Finally, you'll be able to program your own music, so if you're not a fan of the game's vanilla bargain bin dubstep then why not add some Brahms instead? The patch is due within the next fortnight. While you wait, read about how Sam Roberts likes to be a dick in Rocket League.

Shaun Prescott
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