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Risk of Rain 2 gameplay video shows ten minutes of third-person combat

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In case you hadn't heard, Risk of Rain 2 will depart dramatically from the first game's lo-fi, sidescrolling pixel aesthetic. Hopoo Games has decided to take a third-person approach, and judging by a whopping ten minute gameplay video released today, the studio might have made the right decision.

It's definitely a huge change, and there are a few caveats attached to this footage. First of all, the aimlock shown is specific to the Huntress class, who can sprint while firing also but suffers a shorter firing range as a result. Depending on which class you choose, the way it plays may look different.

The studio published a large development update on its website as well. The last year has been spent on bolstering the game's backend system, but now the studio is focused on "content and polish".  

"New classes, levels, items, monsters, bosses, and of course original ones from Risk of Rain have been added," the update reads. "With the core systems in place we are able to start designing new content that adds new layers on top of the existing loop for RoR1. We want to make sure that there is a lot of fresh new content that adds to the fun, and we are holding ourselves to a higher standard of game design than in our previous games. We are trying our best to make sure there isn’t a lot of filler items or monsters."

The studio is also seeking feedback on the direction of the game, namely things like multiplayer and post-launch updates. You can read the whole thing here.

Shaun Prescott
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