Rising Storm's Game of the Year Edition update adds new maps, vehicles, game mode

As PC Gamer's 2013 Multiplayer Game of the Year , you surely already own Rising Storm if you have even a passing interest in multiplayer shooters. But maybe you've been feeling burnt out on the content that's been out since launch. Luckily, Tripwire Interactive and Anti Matter Games just announced Rising Storm's Game of the Year Edition, which includes a handful of new maps, vehicles, and even a new mode.

The new map from Tripwire itself is Maggot Hill, and features a new character set: Merrill's Marauders . In addition, three new community maps have been made official: Phosphate Plant and Otori Shima for Rising Storm, and Myshkovka River for Red Orchestra 2.

The Russian and German factions each got a new transport vehicle, and three maps (Barashka, Arad 2, and Rakowice) were reconfigured to accommodate them.

10 maps were also reconfigured to support a new mode called Search & Destroy, a single life game-type in which teams take turns attempting to destroy one of multiple objectives by planting an explosive.

If you already own the game, you'll get all of this new content for free, through a 8.5GB update you can download now. If you don't, Rising Storm will be free to try later this week on Steam, where it will go on sale for a limited time.