Rising Storm 2: Vietnam's launch trailer is all hot combat and great music

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, the multiplayer military shooter set in the sweltering jungles of Southeast Asia, is now live on Steam. Which also means it's time for a launch trailer featuring heavy-firepower gameplay backed by the obligatory psychedelic sounds of the '60s.   

"Rising Storm 2: Vietnam has grown out of all we've learned over the years in the Red Orchestra franchise. The weapons, the gameplay, the look—all coming together to generate a really immersive, visceral experience that will keep drawing people in," Tripwire Interactive product director Alan Wilson said. "The Antimatter Games crew have all the experience of designing for asymmetric warfare from the first Rising Storm and, this time, we went through multiple beta waves to gather feedback from the players, act on that feedback and really hone the game to what the players wanted. We'll continue to do that post-release as well, with a series of upcoming updates - new factions, new gameplay and more." 

The trailer doesn't tell us much that we don't already know about the game, if only because we already know so much: We got some hands-on time with it last summer, which went quite well even though there was still much work to be done, and more recently we took an up-close look at some of the guns on both sides of the conflict. But it showcases in-game action on the ground and in the sky across a number of different environments—and boy, that really is a great song, isn't it? 

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is available now on Steam at a ten percent launch week discount, cutting it to $23/£17/€21, or slightly more for the Digital Deluxe edition that includes the soundtrack and some cosmetic items, until June 6.   

Andy Chalk

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