Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is free to play in open beta all weekend, full release coming soon

Tripwire announced today that Rising Storm 2: Vietnam—the sequel to the standalone Red Orchestra 2 expansion Rising Storm—will be out on May 30th. Specifically, it'll be out at noon Pacific on May 30th. Surprise!

I didn't expect a full release for at least a few more months. What's more, a free open beta is running until this Monday, May 22 at 1 pm Pacific. You can grab it on Steam and start playing now.

Tripwire and Antimatter Games' brand of large scale first-person tactics can be hard to get a grasp on at first (I stunk up most of the rounds I played during the RS2 closed beta sessions), so the developer has released a set of tutorial videos to help. It's probably a good idea to watch them if you're new to the series, and I appreciate that they get straight to the point—just a minute or two in length—without any "hey guys, sooo, we're going to talk about advanced class roles today."

The Rising Storm 2 Digital Deluxe version is currently available for pre-purchase at $22.49/£17.24 with a 25 percent discount, and comes with four weapon skins for Killing Floor 2. At launch, both the standard and deluxe editions will be available for slightly more. But there's no purchase required to participate in this weekend's open beta. 

For more, check out the system requirements and my preview from last year

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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