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Rise of the Triad's 1.2 update brings quicksaves and mod tools

Absurd FPS Rise of the Triad has just released its 1.2 update, which could alternatively be called the "stuff people kept banging on about" update. It adds a much requested quicksave feature, which should reduce instances of keyboards being thrown out of windows by roughly 32%. It also introduces the game's Ludicrous Development Kit, giving the community the chance to create maps and mods.

Mmm, raw assets.

"This is our second big content patch, which includes even more, tweaks, optimizations and features requested during since release (including quicksaves - the most requested feature) and the much anticipated Ludicrous Development Kit," writes Interceptor's Frederik Schreiber . As an added feature for the tireless bores who complain that quicksaves are cheating (while simultaneously failing to realise that they could just not use them), there are score penalties in place for quicksaving/loading.

The lack of quicksave support was one of the few issues Ben Kim had in our largely positive review of Rise of the Triad. For the 1.2 update's other fixes, check out the full changelist .

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