How to get the eyepatch in Return to Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island eyepatch and voodoo lady
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The eyepatch puzzle is one of the first you encounter in Return to Monkey Island, as you try to secure a magical eyepiece that'll let you disguise yourself so you can get onto LeChuck's ship and set sail. While the game does give you a hint book that you can grab at the International House of Mojo, it only lays things out one step at a time, so doesn't give you a complete puzzle overview.

Here I'll explain every step you need to complete to steal the eyepatch from the Museum of Pirate Lore and to recharge it so that it works. This guide will contain some story details for part one, so if you want to experience it for yourself, you may want to leave. I've also included a gallery of screens that you can cycle through to see some of the tougher steps and item locations.

How to solve the eyepatch puzzle in Return to Monkey Island 

There are two things you need to leave Mêlée Island and continue Guybrushes' quest to find the secret of Monkey Island: a mop and a way to disguise yourself so you can join LeChuck's crew unrecognised. To do this, you'll need to snag the eyepatch of Jon Laney that's in the Museum of Pirate Lore. 

Here's what you need to do to get this magical accessory:

1. Head to Maps-n-More on Low Street and pick up a complimentary monocle
2. Leave Maps-n-More
3. Go back inside the store and take another monocle
4. Combine the two monocles in your inventory
5. Go to the Museum of Pirate Lore near the forest and use your mega monocle to examine the lock on the eyepatch display case
6. Grab the cracker mix from the museum storeroom
7. Go to the Locksmith on High Street
8. Give her the display case lock number and she'll make you a key. Also give her the cracker mix and she'll let you have some of her crackers
9. Go back to the museum and feed the crackers to the guard parrot
10. Open the display case and steal the eyepatch

Now you've nicked the eyepatch, you'll need to recharge its magic. 

Where to find the "bite of a thousand needles"

Now, you'll want to go to the International House of Mojo on Low Street to show the eyepatch to Voodoo Lady. She'll tell you that it needs recharging, and that you have to bring her the "bite of a thousand needles". It's a pretty cryptic request, but what you need to do is bring her a sample of the carnivorous plant in the deep forest.

If you've already secured the mop, you will have been there before, but if not, just head near the Museum of Pirate Lore and enter the deep forest by the warning sign. If you haven't purchased the knife from the International House of Mojo, you should, since you need it for the mop puzzle anyway, and you'll also need it to collect a sample from the carnivorous plant.

Bring the plant sample back to her and she'll recharge the eyepatch. Once you also have the mop, you're ready to get aboard LeChuck's ship.

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