Resident Evil mod restores the rubbish 1996 voice acting to the HD remaster

Resident Evil HD

Back in January, we learned about the modder who was working to bring the famously bad voice acting from the original 1996 release of Resident Evil to the HD remake that hit Steam this year. Today, I'm pleased to inform you that the job is done, and it's every bit as awful as you hoped. (See exhibit A, above.)

"It took me a long time to finish this mod mainly because there were more than 500 audio files to edit," the modder, Bunny, explained on the Resident Evil Modding forum. "And the dialogues were already mixed with sound effects like footsteps, gunshots, enemies, etc. So at some point the editing process became tedious and I had to take breaks more often."

But the effort was clearly worthwhile. The drama, the gravitas, the pathos... it virtually oozes from the screen! You don't get performances this cataclysmically bad without a whole lot of work, and I for one tip my hat to Bunny for making it happen.

Andy Chalk

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