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The Resident Evil 4 Remake Wayshrines are little chests you'll find dotted around the village as you narrowly avoid getting pitchforked by infected peasants. These small sites of devotion each contain a relic in the form of loot that you can steal and sell, but unlike the locked drawers you'll also find, these need a unique key to open them.

Once you've got it, you'll be able to unseal each shrine and loot its treasure, inserting more gems to boost its value, or just selling it to the merchant wholesale. So if you're looking for more loot, here's where to find the Old Wayshrine Key, plus every Wayshrine I found in the village, and what each contains.

Where to find the Old Wayshrine Key

During chapter four, you'll find yourself investigating the Mural Cave across the Lake, looking for a key to open the church with, and you'll realise that you need to locate two stone heads to get to it. When you exit the cave to go to the two quest-marked locations, you'll find a small Wayshrine with a chest inside. This contains the Old Wayshrine Key, which can be used to unlock any of the Wayshrines in the village region. Simply walk up to a Wayshrine and choose the key to open it up and claim what's inside.

Wayshrine locations and what each contains

Wayshrines contain all sorts of treasure (Image credit: Capcom)

There are five Wayshrines that can be found in the village. Here's where you can locate each, and what they contain:

  • Farm Wayshrine: When facing the main door of the big locked barn in the Farm area, head around the side to the left of it to find the shrine. Contains an Antique Pipe.
  • Lakeside Settlement Wayshrine: This can be found down the path to the left of the main Lakeside Settlement building where you free Luis. Contains a Pearl Bangle (12,000 ptas)
  • Quarry Wayshrine: Just after you head through the Quarry in chapter three, you'll find this Wayshrine just before the Merchant's big shop. Contains a Butterfly Lamp (6,000 ptas)
  • River Wayshrine: This one is accessible in chapter four right after you get the Old Wayshrine Key. From the pier leading into the Merchant's shop, head up the river in the boat away from the Lake as far as you can go, and you'll find a little landing point with a Wayshrine. Contains a Splendid Bangle (4,000 ptas)
  • Checkpoint Wayshrine: This one is only accessible during chapter six when you're fleeing the village and have to fight the two chainsaw women in the Checkpoint area. You can find it on the upper level of the arena. Contains Elegant Headdress (7,000 ptas)

That's all of the Wayshrines I found in the village. After you hit the castle, you can sell the Old Wayshrine Key to the merchant as you won't need it anymore. 

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