Hexagon Piece locations in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake hexagon piece puzzle
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The Resident Evil 4 Remake Hexagon Pieces are required to solve a puzzle that you find pretty early on during your travels through the plagas-infested village. There are three you need to locate and bring back to the puzzle podium in order to open it up and get the Depraved Idol, i.e the most valuable piece of treasure in the village.

Having a little extra cash on hand early is very useful, especially if you're challenging yourself with hardcore difficulty. Here's where to find the three Hexagon Pieces required for the puzzle, and what you need to do once you've got them.

Hexagon Piece A location

The first Hexagon Piece is in the Merchant's shop (Image credit: Capcom)

The first Hexagon Piece is before the puzzle itself. You can find it in chapter three when you visit the Merchant's big shop by the lake. The piece is in a chest directly opposite where he's standing, by the staircase that leads out to the Quarry. 

Hexagon Piece B location

The second Hexagon Piece is hidden in the Fish Farm, so it's most convenient to grab it in chapter three when you're going there to find boat fuel. It's towards the far end near the shack with the fuel, inside a red chest on a little island.

Hexagon Piece C location

You can't actually get the third Hexagon Piece until chapter four, when you're sailing around on the boat looking for the stone heads to bring back to the Mural Cave. You can find piece C in the Small Cave Shrine where the Blasphemer's Head is located, inside in a case next to a lantern on a table. 

How to solve the hexagon puzzle

The Depraved Idol is worth 15,000 ptas (Image credit: Capcom)

Once you have all three you can get the treasure. Head back to the puzzle and slot the three Hexagon Pieces into it. Now, rotate the bottom left section once, then the top section once. This solves the puzzle and opens it up to give you a Depraved Idol worth 15,000 ptas. 

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