Resident Evil 4 HD Project mod remakes entire village level

You might've spotted us chattering about the rather impressive Resident Evil 4 HD Project in the past—but if you haven't, it's an ambitious mod endeavour that's spent the last wee while recreating Capcom's Resident Evil 4. Back in April, the team released its final revamped version of the survival horror classic's Salazar Castle level. Now, the game's village is completed. 

Now, night-time lighting and how it reacts to character models has been tweaked, as has Leon's flashlight beam. The "reddish tone" from the original game's display has been removed, in turn allowed for "slightly cooler" visuals. The mod team's Albert says he's also improved hundreds of 3D models in a host of ways, such as remapping, location corrections, and improving textures. 

Check out some before and after screens at the foot of this post, however here's Albert with what's next in store for the RE 4 HD Project: 

"Right now I’m working on a way to optimize the file structure of the game. People who are into modding already know that every single room pack contains ALL the item textures. For example, the green herb texture is inside every single room’s pack file (along with all other pickup-able items). 

"However, there is a way of including just one instance of those textures in another pack file, and then make the 3-D model to call the texture from *that* pack file instead of calling it from the room pack file. We would then be able to replace all duplicates with dummy 4×4 pixel textures. This would reduce the total final pack size by a few hundred MBs."

More information on Resident Evil 4 HD Project's progress can be found via the mod's site.