Resident Evil 4 HD Project mod remakes Salazar's castle

The Resident Evil HD Project is an ambitious user-made mod that's steadily recreating Capcom's 2005 survival horror classic with modern visuals and HD textures, while "correcting some modelling, lighting, and level design errors" along the way. Launching each stage section-by-section, the mod's team has now released its modernised take on Salazar's castle. 

If this is the first you've heard of the RE4 HD Project, know that it's already revamped a number of the original game's areas including its opening village section. Given Capcom launched its own HD reimagining of Resident Evil 4 in 2014, the Project mod goes over and above the official version. Here's the latest trailer: 

"The dedication behind this HD overhaul goes beyond what is usually seen in other similar projects," reads the blurb on the mod's ModDB page. "The developers note that they even tracked down some of the original machinery and source photographs of Spanish buildings that Capcom first used in the creation of Resident Evil 4—and new photographs were used as the bases for the HD overhaul."

And here's a smattering of before and after screens: 

Again the Resident Evil 4 HD Project is a work-in-progress, however you can keep up to speed with updates via the mod's official site.