Remnant 2 update ditches some grinding and makes respecs easier

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Remnant 2 players will now find it easier to customize their characters and will have more freedom to experiment with builds thanks to changes made in yesterday's patch.

An increased trait cap, increases to the Scrap currency income, and a tweak to the Orb of Undoing are pretty major changes that'll make it easier not only to build interesting characters but to tweak how you play mid-playthrough. The change to the Orb of  Undoing in particular is a big tweak: The item that resets all your spent trait points can now be used infinitely.

Developers Gunfire Games made a statement on these Quality of Life changes alongside the patch notes on its website:

"While we still have quite a few things we are working on regarding Traits and long-term grinding (for those that wish to partake), we wanted to make a few changes in this patch to ensure players had more freedom to experiment. Players should find it much easier to Respec and they should also end up with more Scrap overall. We aren't done here by any means, and these are not the larger changes we've mentioned on Discord and Reddit, but in the short term, they should help to ease the burden or reconfiguring your build and experimenting with different options," it said.

The other change to character building is that the Trait Cap has been increased by 5. You can now also immediately equip a second archetype when you get one, as the trait requirement has been removed. Just visit Wallace as soon as you obtain or convert another Engram to do that.

There's some grinding cut down on as well, with increased scrap income from breakables, regular and rare chests, and from killing aberrations. You'll also now get Scrap and EXP from Tomes of Knowledge once you've reached trait cap, so those aren't a booby prize anymore.

"Thank you for all the support since we launched Remnant II last week. The response to the game has been amazing to see and we are honored and humbled by you all. Since Launch, we’ve been focusing on improving players’ experiences across the board. We’ve made our initial pass on stability, and performance on all platforms, focused on progression blockers, bugs and addressed some Quality of Life requests from the community. This is the first major update, and we plan to continue to fix issues and add Quality of Life features. Once again, thank you for all the support you have shown us!" said Gunfire Games.

You can read the entire Remnant 2 August 4th Patch Notes on the Gunfire Games website.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.