Remember Me announced: memory theft and acrobatic punching in Neo-Paris

Gamescom is set to start tomorrow, but there are already new announcements, trailers, screenshots flowing out of Cologne. Capcom have taken the opportunity to announce Remember Me, a third person action adventure in which you star as spec ops martial arts expert, Nilin, a lithe fighter with the power to warp and delete memories. The old "do as you would be done by" addage has come back to bite, however, and now she's running around in the future shouting "WHO TOOK MY MEMORIES" and beating the stuffing out of everyone .

The announcement trailer shows Nilin showing off her running, jumping and burly-guard-battering skills in a demonstration of acrobatics that's giving me flashbacks to Bungie's Oni. Check out those skills and absorb some lovely neon futurescapes in the debut video and screenshots below.

It sounds as though Nilin's ability to mess with memories won't simply be a convenient plot device. We'll be able to "alter parts of people's memories in real time" in order to "change characters' complete perspective on their self-image and the people around them," which can have "grave consequences," especially if they've just put the oven on.

This one's due out May next year.

[VAMS id="6Pb502mQOSH9A"]

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