Remedy applies for Alan Wake's Return trademark

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The last we heard, an Alan Wake (opens in new tab) sequel was not on the cards. Remedy tried, built a prototype, pitched it to publishers, but no one was biting. Remedy's talks with Microsoft ended up spawning Quantum Break (opens in new tab), which as we now know, is on its way to PC (opens in new tab). Could something else accompany it? Remedy has now applied for the trademark (opens in new tab) 'Alan Wake's Return'.

It's not so far fetched to believe a sequel is in the works. "I would love to do that," Remedy creative director Sam Lake said when the prototype footage (opens in new tab) emerged. "It feels that time has only refined the ideas of what the sequel would be, which is great. It's almost, in some ways and on some level, that all of this extra time to think it about it has made it tastier and more exciting."

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In addition, the Xbox edition of Quantum Break comes with a free copy of Alan Wake. It could just be a random act of generosity, but it might as easily lay the groundwork for, well, Alan Wake's Return.

We've got a few Alan Wake diehards (opens in new tab) on the PCG team—the conjunction of fast-paced survival horror with the meditative forests of the Pacific Northwest (opens in new tab) and the hallmarks of classic horror fiction more than makes up for the delay it endured coming to PC.